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Thursday, December 15, 2011

"2011' Christmas Mini-Moments Videos" :S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom shares her 2011 Christmas with you:)

What a Wonderful Christmas we had with Boo Bear. Every year I try to get some priceless pictures but this year I thought I would try to  catch Dustin in a video moment. (There are 2 Videos below) I really felt good about some of the gifts he would get to open up this year. So here are some pictures and video I wanted to share with you. Dustin has been under the weather a little bit so I guess his expression is not too surprising. Poor Baby:( We know he was happy with what he got for Christmas though:)
                                                                                                          Until Next Time. Take Care. Angela

P.S. I added an additional picture I got back frm Dustin's teacher. Dustin made a Hand Wreath for Thanksgiving. Each hand has something Dustin wrote he was thankful for. I thought it was too cute:) Merry Christmas everyone and here's to a Very Good 2012 to come for EVERYONE EVERYWHERE:)

(Click On Dustin Answering his Phone Below to Watch the Video)

(Click On Dustin's Tree  Watch the Video of  him Decorating it .)

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