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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Gathering@ The 2011' Autism Speaks Walk Video & Pictures" : S.M.A.A.R.T. Mom's November "Mommy & Me Time-Out" @ The Autism Speaks Walk

Hello to My  S.M.A.A.R.T. Moms! What a Fantastic Turn Out! There were sooo many people that were there to show their support.
Although I think Dustin was a bit disappointed. You see for the past six years we have been attending the November Adventures in Autism Event held at Universal Studios of Orlando. Well, sad to say this year Universal stopped offering A.S.G.O. the discount tickets. And typically we attend the Autism Walks in April/ May. So I think he thought the Autism walk was actually going to be Universal Studios. Which of course, if I'm right, it would explain why he wasn't so thrilled when we got to the Autism Walk. He did get to see Jeffrey from ToysRus and some other characters. But Dustin only lasted about 2hrs before saying, "I'm Hungry. McDonalds?"  "Ten Chicken Nuggets, three french fries, and dr. pepper?" His typical order by the way. He is 15yrs old now after all:)
So we left but not before getting some wonderful pictures and videos. You'll just love the last video.........We just parked at McDonalds when I video taped Dustin. Sorry we missed some of you, but I really do Appreciate the Moms that were able to come. Maybe next year it'll be even better! Watch for me next month for S.M.A.A.R.T. Mom's December Mommy Time-Out. Our boys and girls will be out for the holiday so you better believe there will be a December "Mommy  Time-Out" before their Holiday Break. So watch for December's Posting to the right of my site. Until then...........Take Care. Angela

P.S. I just wanted to throw a Big HUG to my Dad and his really Sweet Wife, Dianne and say Thank You so very much for my early birthday card and present:) When we got back home from the Autism Walk I checked my mail and found an early birthday card from my Dad and Dianne. Thanks to both of them I plan/planned to take Dustin to Universal Studios Nov. 20th. However, I said planned didn't I.....well if I don't have the luck and have a talent for the unbelievable. The next day, after the walk and my plans for the 20th. I went to get some batteries and dropped a "AAA" Battery; of course it couldn't  be a "D" battery it had to be a "AAA" battery! When I went to pick it up; I COULDN'T GET BACK UP. OMG! I yelled for my husband, only to then stop and say to myself........."I can't believe I actually have fallen and can't get up. Is it time for Life Alert now? I'm  only going to be 43yrs old in a few weeks!"
Anyway, at least  I'm getting better now, it's taken a few days, but at least I didn't set that date (the 20th) in stone on the calendar for Dustin. I hear Universal Studios has Wonderful Christmas Displays in December and that IS actually the month of my birthday. So I guess that's when I think I will be taking Boo Bear. We Both just LOVE Christmas!  I do have another Mom coming with me for "Back-Up" my back that is (LOL). Wish us Fun Everyone and Thanks Again Dad &  Dianne! We  Love you!
                                                  (Click On "PLAY" to watch Video)


Thank You Alice an Heidi for making me  the Wonderful  S.M.A.A.R.T. Mom Banner.
You both did a Fantastic job!  I Love It! 

Angela's S.M.A.A.R.T. Mom TEAM

Walking for Autism!

"Say Cheese Helen, Judy, and Dustin!"

Dustin & Fireman Cow

"Dustin, You have a green frog on your shoulder!"

!High- Five Jeffrey!"

Shalley and her son Zac

Helen and her Aunt Dawn

Helen Showing her support for Dustin

2011' Autism Speaks Autism Walk

Dustin loves his Mommy!

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