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Saturday, March 22, 2014

"The Park is The Key To FREE Therapy Video" :S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom (APRIL) Special: "Sometimes Going to The Park is The Key To FREE Therapy"

                         (Strong Mothers Altering Autism's Reality Together)

Hello S.M.A.A.R.T.Moms!

With April being Autism Awareness Month and right around the corner...
I just had to bring you all this early (April)  Mommy Time-Out Online Video Special :)

What a wonderful day to have a Mommy & Me Time-Out Gathering. I wasn't planning on making a video while at the gathering, but after all of the AMAZING things I saw Dustin (autistic) do that was not typical, I HAD to tape this to share with other moms like myself. I've had Dustin in occupational & speech therapy since he was 2yrs. and have been working on his fears of ladders, crossing rope bridges, and just interacting with others. Well to my surprise, a simple visit to the park helped in the success of overcoming Dustin's fears.Not that I've never taken him to the park before, but sometimes, some days are much better than others.....This was "THAT" day (LOL).  I hope this inspires you and makes you Smile like it did us :) Enjoy ! BIG HUGS! S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom

                                  (CLICK ON The Photo to Watch the Video)         

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gathering @ N.Lake Park : S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom's (MARCH) "Mommy & ME" Monthly Time-Out Gathering !

Hello S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom's !

        This month I'm having a "Mommy & ME" Time-Out Gathering for those of you have been wanting to join me ,but just can't. Whether it's because you don't have the time during the week, can't find a sitter for your autistic loved one, or because times are tough and you just can't afford to go out to lunch with us.

Well this month I hope none of the above will be a problem. This month I would LOVE for you to join Dustin & I at a Beautiful Park I found ! I've pasted  the Map Flyer below for those of you who couldn't see it very well on the right side of this site. However, If you Click-On the map photo to the right of this site, it will divert you to a Directions page to the Park.
         So, Mark your calendars this month for March 16th. (SUNDAY) , Put on your Play Clothes, Pack Your Lunches for you & your Family, & come Join us! I'd really enjoy the company of moms like yourselves that are walking in my shoes of Autism.

Come On ! Don't you Deserve a " Mommy & ME" Time-Out ?
Of Course You Do :)  So what are you waiting for?
R.S.V.P. me @ Facebook Events or email me at : smaartmom@centurylink.net

Sure Hope To See You There My Friends!
BIG HUGS!!!!      S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom Angela

                              (CLICK-ON The Picture to Enlarge Map)