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Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Mom Makes An Autism Double Dare Dream Come True!

(Strong Mothers Altering Autism's Reality Together)

This year marked a very happy, yet sad occasion for us. I wanted  to give our son, Dustin (autistic) a 20th Birthday Dream I just know I HAD to make come true. A couple of years ago, I took Dustin here with our grand-daughter. Dustin Absolutely "ADORES" Nickelodeon , so to bring him to this Magical Place.....Well, I had just one moment that stuck with me....and that was it, I was a MOM ON A MISSION. No one intended on hurting Dustin's feelings, and he handled  the disappointment well...I mean "No Melt-Down." Anyway,  These things cost money and what I wanted to set up for Dustin, well let's just say it took me a couple of years. So, marking his 20th Birthday I created this "Magical Memory" we had at the Nickelodeon Hotel 2016'. SADLY,....Slime Time is No More :(
 They closed it down shortly after we fortunately were able to experience this WONDERFUL PLACE! It has now been transformed into a super hero themed hotel.....However, for us, it won't come close in comparison to this Glorious Nickelodeon Double Dare Day. FYI: I put this video  on DVD for Dustin to watch.... I think he must really like it......He's on his 4th time watching....IN A ROW (LOL)

(Click  Here  to Watch Video)