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Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Teaching Autism with Tiles?" Video :S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom's December "Online Mommy & ME Time-Out"

A Unique Way to Teach Your Child/Teen with Autism. "THINK-IT-THROUGH TILES"
Well here we are in December, wrapping up another year and beginning our new year and  adventure in autism.
I'm always looking for toys that will be beneficial to Dustin. I do buy him those typical toys on occasion,
however, when it's Christmas time I want to find more toys that are going to help Boo Bear and not end
up on the floor for me to step on. So here is something I just had to share with you.

Getting Dustin to sit and focus while trying to teach is very difficult. Anyone with a child or teen with autism I'm sure would agree. Well, I found a Tile Case with interacting Booklets called "Think-It-Through Tiles". They absolutley impressed me. I tried the Tiles with Dustin and he caught on immediately. He stayed focused and challenged at the same time. The tiles are hands on and Range from K-12 grades. Teaches everything including science and life skills in some booklets. I wish I would have found out about the Tiles a long time ago:) What a Wonderful Teaching Tool! Won't it be nice to buy a Christmas gift that is beneficial for  your son or daughter with autism ?
I've found them at a few different sites but just couldn't see paying the price I found them at. So again, back to
ebay. At least there I could get the tiles much cheaper through auctions. I did buy some booklets at  http://www.discoverytoys.com/web/guest/home 
just because I wanted particular learning booklets. I believe Amazon had them too, but ebay I found to be the best
place to shop for the tiles & booklets. What's really nice is these lessons will grow with your child. It's a Great Investment
when coming to you son/ daughter's academics. My son uses these every day in his daily schedule. I can't express to you
how much he has learned from the tiles. I really encourage my moms to check into the tiles. I truly hope they will help you
like they've helped Dustin. Merry Christmas to all of my S.M.A.A.R.T.Moms! I sure hope to see some of you next month
for January's Mommy Time-Out. Go to my site and look to the right for the Date,Time, and Meeting Place.
Until Then........Take Care! Angela (Creator of S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom)

(Click-On Picture to watch Dec. Mommy Time-Out Online Video)


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