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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom Pictures" : brought to you by, S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom

Thank You ASGO.org for making it possible for Dustin to visit Disney's Animal Kingdom. What great timing too; Dustin's 15th Birthday is two days after this event. He thinks we are going because of his birthday though. It's been a couple of years since we went to "A.K." but this year Dustin seemed much more excited about it. Could have something to do with the VHS tape he's been watching "The Animal Kingdom Tour Video" he found at Goodwill. (LOL) What ever the reason I didn't care. There are animals there and regardless of his fears, here he would have to confront them, within reason of course:) We rode as many rides as we could, saw Pooh, Eyore (not sure I spelled that right), & Tigger, and even rode a roller coaster that went into this HUGE Mountain. I did post a picture of it below for you to see. What a ride that was!  My Long Time and Very Dear Friend  accompanied Boo Bear and I this year. I'm so glad she decided to come with us. What  great memories we made together today. Thanks Phyllis for hanging in there I know it was terribly hot . You're So AWESOME & such a Wonderful Friend. We Love You and hope you make more events in the future......maybe next time it will be cooler :)

The Bugs 3D Show...A bit loud.

A place to cool off from the hot day.

"Great Picture Dustin"

"A Rhino! I found  YOU!"

"I take a picture of Elephant"

Eyore,  Boo Bear m & Bugs Bunny

Pooh Bear, Boo Bear, & Bugs Bunny

Phyllis, Tigger, Dustin, Bugs Bunny, & Mommy

Do You See the Roller Coaster Track going INTO the Mountain? OMG!

An AMAZING & Memorable Day at Animal Kingdom 2011'

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