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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Special Olympics 2011' Bowling Video & Pictures!" : brought to you by,S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom

What a Wonderful Time we had! I couldn't believe that Dustin hung in there for TWO full games. Way to go Boo Bear!
This year we bowled with the older group (15-21yr) . What a difference! I found everyone to be so friendly and encouraging; no matter the team. I was among some really good people that day who were there clearly for the same reasons I was. To be able to give Dustin as  many experiences that I could, to meet other people who are walking in our shoes, to feel a part of something positive, and to be able to share every experience I can with Dustin even if I think it may not go well.......I HAVE TO TRY. If it doesn't go well one year.....I'll try again next year. For the most part those outings do  get better. Sometimes it takes time, but that's O.K. I know it will be worth it down the road .
So, Dustin and I checked in and proceeded to the counter to get our shoes. I was asked what size I needed. I paused and said  a 7 .50. Well I guess it had been awhile since my last reality check :) I ended up getting My Boo Bear an 8.50 and could have done a 9 I'm sure (LOL) Then I thought to myself..." Yes, Angela, he is 15 years old now.Really a 7.50?...HELLO?" Sometimes I know it sounds crazy, but I forget; I mean he is my little boy. I guess on a good note, the 7.50 did fit me, so I didn't need to return the first set of shoes :) We went to pick out our bowling balls , where shortly after I asked him if he wanted to use the bowling ball ramp or not. He clearly and very loudly said,"No Ramp!" I asked him if he was sure and he confirmed it with a FIRM "Yes". So after  his first two frames hitting nothing but the gutters....he turned to me and said "Bowling Ramp Mommy".  So when his turn came up and he hit the pins...well lets just say pictures can say so much more than words......but I did better :) I HAVE VIDEO of that moment too ......LOL...I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. My Boo Bear is just too cute sometimes.

Sorry for the sideview video.I've tried to fix it, but just couldn't save it to show it correctly.


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