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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Before Bed Time Autism Mini-Moment Video" :So here it is the evening of Dustin's "15th" Birthday.

              It's been an exhausting but Oh So Wonderful couple of weeks. Gotta love it when Autism offers you more of "THE UPS" then "THE DOWNS & Crashes" . So here I am getting ready to give Dustin his "heads up" 15 minute warning for his "Free Time" (computer) to wrap up. Usually with a 'heads up" transitioning from something I know is hard for him to leave, well this makes it easier to know it's bed time now. When I came upon Dustin I found him well.........I found myself reflecting  on this moment . Suddenly  and unexpectedly a  feeling came over me. OMG! Today was our son's "15th" Birthday and I know  our other children  have grown and moved on trying to start their own lives. I know everyone says Dustin has become a very BIG Boy and is still growing.....But it's times like these I have "MY REALIZATION" that He may be a BIG boy; but when you see him like this, like I do every day.....Maybe one can understand when I refer to Dustin as "My Baby". When you watch Boo Bear in this innocent way watching Barney while playing with his Looney Tunes friends; it's hard to see him as a teen. Besides in my HEART He's ALWAYS My Baby :) And we're so very Proud of all that he has accomplished!                                  

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The Picture Below to watch what Dustin likes to do before Bed Time                                   


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