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Join Me at The Autism Support Network!

Friday, July 31, 2015

S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom's 2015' "Autism Lights in July"VIDEO Mommy Time-Out

(Strong Mothers Altering Autism's Reality Together)

Welcomed Back S.M.A.A.R.T.Moms!
      What a Video!  I found a way to get Dustin to actually look forward to what we are calling this years's "Disney Lights".
It seemed to be less upsetting for him then by calling them "Fireworks." If you're a Mom living with autism , I'm sure you can relate. I can remember missing so many Fourth of July Fireworks Displays because of autism melt-downs with our Dustin. Fireworks are so beautiful to watch, but unfortunately they come with that terrible big boom.  So on that note...Once again I am bringing the 4th of July Display to My Moms out there who are going through this; as well as for our son, Dustin.
I hope you enjoy the Display my husband created for our son who  has  become braver each year. It's so gratifying to recall past years when I had to sit in Dustin's room through the entire fireworks, while he shook, cried, and repeated "Fireworks over." Whereas today, I am able to take him outside  and have him sit in my truck and watch ........Well You'll See :)
I hope you enjoy the "Autism Lights in July" Fireworks Display & I hope I inspire you as well!
You're Not Alone. Big Big Hugs!
See You Next Year!

                          (Click On the Picture to Watch the Video)

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