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Join Me at The Autism Support Network!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Occupational Therapy & Autism"Photos: brought to you by, S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom

Occupational,Music, and Speech Therapy have been a weekly outing since Dustin was diagnosed with autism at the age of 15mos. I can't express enough how helpful it has been to retreiving what we could of our baby boy. Considering he had some speech, eye contact, on target mile stones and then to have all of that diminish before your eyes only to have your son only say "MMMMM' sounds, no eye contact, and very sentitive to touch & sounds. I had plenty of "Mommy Crashes" thoughout the years but I stayed consistant. Detemination was the only word for me; regardless. It's been a LONG up & down adventure, but soooo worth the wait. We've still got a long way to go. But he does talk now, it's still hard to conversate, but that's ok we're working on that. We NOW have eve contact, hugs are no longer painful, and it still brings tears/smile when Boo Bear says "Mommy" ot "I love You". There were times I felt hopeless, but you have to hang in there. Hard work and consistancy WILL be REWARDING.

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