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Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Is Nickelodeon A HUGE part of your Life too?"Pictures: brought to you by, S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom

The Nick Jr Phase is SOOOOO much worse than Barney ever was:)

It all started out just fine. You know every child really goes
crazy for thier favorite show, animal,etc. Well I thought Barney
was bad. I couldn't be more wrong. Welcome to MY WORLD:)
A World where a Mom can think that keeping a big box for her
son to play in is perfectly fine. He can explore his imagination,
Right? I figure when the box is worn out; I'll just throw it
away......no big deal:) Only, our Boo Bear has not once played
in the box. Instead, he created a Nick Jr Shrine.
He is TRULY AMAZING! He even taped Nick Jr icons
that he made out of Playdoe. That took a lot of tape (LOL)
Other pictures are ones he drew & cut out.....he decorated this by his
creative hands alone:)
This is my favorite out of all of Dusin's unique forms of expressions.
Socks have to be hidden now too. Or else they become Dustin's
"NICK JR SOCKS" as he would say.

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