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Join Me at The Autism Support Network!

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Autism Welcomed Decal Find's a Permanent Home @ Threshold Dental!

The Autism Welcomed Decal Symbol has been given a Permanent home at Threshold Dental in Winter Park, Florida!
"Helping Families Living With Autism Feel Welcomed in Public Places"
(Opening Doors, Opening Hearts, & Creating Smiles!)

I want to Sincerely Thank Dr. Scott Simpson for the years of  service to our family ,especially. Since Dustin was much younger to present (age 19yrs) Dustin has had his good appts and sometimes, not so good appts. However, I still never stopped trying to continue bringing him to his dental check-ups. Over time each appt has become more successful than the one before . Just to Note: Although my son is 19 yrs old his mentality is more of a 3-5 yr old. He is what I call "Classic" Autism.  He is constantly Flapping, Jumping, and Repetitiously Babbling commercials / movies. He is not considered High functioning. I ALWAYS make sure when I take him ANYWHERE to bring anything that may comfort him. Favorite Plush Friends, drawings, DVD Player,etc. In addition to a reward system I created to help us get through more difficult places , such as the Dentist. YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD more than ANYONE. So with that in mind. Try to  Be Prepared Moms & Dads.
Lastly, Try to be calm and patient when you enter. If the staff isn't aware that you are with someone who has autism, let them know. IF the staff is aware...Don't get frustrated if possible. This does NO One any good. You know Autism isn't easy and you probably won't be the only one there trying to comfort an autistic. Give the  staff a chance to get to know your child/adult and YOU , before you pass judgement on a place. After all, it does take time to get to really know the actions & re-actions of someone who has autism. YOU KNOW THIS.  Keep in mind, We as Parents may not have had a CHOICE in regards to Autism. However, These people in the work field who "Help" us Care for our loved ones......They had a CHOICE. Yet, They still dared to venture into this very difficult field so that they could be there for US! So , I don't know about you, but I  have come to Value my son's Dentist and Dental Staff with all of my Heart. I hope you will too before you take your next visit to the Dentist. "Have you HUGGED Your Dentist Today?  I Have!"
#SMAARTMom #AutismWelcomedDecal
                                                  (Click to Watch the Video)

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