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Join Me at The Autism Support Network!

Monday, May 30, 2016

An Autism Mini- Moment #6 : Hey Baby! 1st Words,No Words,Words, Now This?

(Strong Mothers Altering Autism's Reality Together)

An Autism Mini-Moment is just that; a brief video that is amazingly filled with so much! My son, Dustin in this video is 19 years old. These particular videos I created to show Moms like myself, who are feeling uncertain about their child's future who may have been recently diagnosed. So I'm offering you a glimpse into the future :) I'm offering YOU Video Proof that anything is possible in regards to AUTISM. So Don't Give Up and Keep On Trying! Unconditional Love, Patience , Consistency, & Hard Work will be so worth it! So I hope this little video makes you feel a little bit better Moms or Dads. If this makes you at least SMILE; this Mini Video was well worth creating just for YOU!
Have a Beautiful Day :)
Big Hugs! S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom
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                                            (Click on Photo to Watch Video)

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