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Monday, April 18, 2016

Dustin's Nickelodeon Dream Come True!

Planned on taking Dustin back to Nickelodeon Hotel to celebrate his OMG! 20th Birthday August 1st, but had to bump up the date and do an early B-Day present when I found out that April 17th would be the last Day this Wonderful place would be open ;(  So I made Dustin a Nickelodeon Dream Come True. We started off with our very private and personal Sliming and I joined him too :) Then , we had Dinner with the TMNT, and to end our day WE WERE contestants on a LIVE Double Dare Show!
I had a lot of good cries, but  needless to say .... We Came, We Saw, And We Got Slimmed ! wink emoticon 

These pics were from our private sliming!


 So here are pics from our Double Dare Show experience!
FYI: Because this was supposed to be for Dustin's "20th" Birthday.... I don't plan on creating and sharing a video until August , although I have shared some brief preview videos already :)

Dustin and I were teamed up with a Father and son who were also big Nickelodeon fans :) Real nice and were Awesome Team Mates! They agreed to let Dustin come up with our Team Name (LOL) Dustin chose " TEAM NICK JR ". Dustin was so tickled when we came out on stage and this time, unlike earlier when we had our personal private slime......We came out from behind stage and the stage curtain with a live audience looking right at us!
HE WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZED!!! And Yep, I got misty (LOL)
Big Surprise (LOL) As if just being on the show wasn't over joyful for Dustin....THE RED TEAM/TEAM NICK JR.....WON!!!!! with 180 pts too! I had to become a human hot dog in the process, Dustin popped out of a Giant Gumball Machine, We got Slimed twice in a manner of hours, because we won were able to participate in the obstacle course, AND Dustin did OMG soooo well! We weren't sure he would be able, but ....What more can I say :) LIFE IS GOOD ! Mommy so Loves you Boo Bear :) xoxoxo


What a wonderful way to have dinner too! Look who came to join us for Pizza !

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