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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kids Home Depot Workshop in Orange City: S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom and Son (18yrs) are Going. Come Join Us!

I called a head and informed Home Depot of Dustin's age and that he had autism. The age range for the kids shop is 5-12. Of course Dustin is 18 now, but still has the mind of 5 or 6yr old. The lady there was so sweet and said that it was not a problem. She thought it was great that I was wanting to bring him to the workshop:) He may not be in school any longer, but that doesn't mean I will stop trying to teach him something new and to continue working on his social skills. Feel free to join us Oct. 4th. It is FREE , but you do have to register FYI. Maybe this Home Depot isn't near you, if that's the case I still want to encourage you to contact a store near you. Check out their Kids Workshops to see their calendar dates and bring your special son/daughter :)

UPDATE: Today is October 4, 2014. What a wonderful time we had! Dustin did great and the other
families there, with of course much younger children, were so friendly to us.They were absolutely sweet as can be. That's always a plus :) Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the employees of the workshop.
I was of course on crutches still because of the ligaments I pulled in my ankle , so in light of that, it would have been nice to have been offered a chair, stool, box.....sorry standing for almost an hour like that was not too comfortable. But I love my Dustin and endured the discomfort. I was a bit surprised that everyone was expected to stand for and hour or more? And what about those pregnant moms, that's a long time, you know? Then of course as you all can see ...Dustin is wearing a child's apron (LOL) Kind of expected that considering it's a kids workshop and Dustin is 18yr old now. However, I did call a head and we were the only ones like us there. And  clearly we were an unexpected guest. I know they have bigger aprons. But I guess one larger apron was being unreasonable and I didn't ask for one, hoping after seeing him in a smaller one, that just maybe Dustin would be offered a larger apron :(  I guess being a business owner myself I was  overall pleased with Home Depot's workshop itself and the crafts offered for free . It just would be nice if those little acts of kindness which mean a lot to me; well  there was none of that with any of the employees handling the workshop. Lastly, kind of puzzling, why did I register him online and have to do it again when we got there? I try to do things in advance because I know that with Dustin I have to get right to things once he's been informed of what we are doing before hand. So to have to (on crutches) fill out another registration form, I mean , REALLY? Any way, like I said, little acts of kindness mean a lot to me. Next week we're going to Lowes. I wonder how they will be in comparison with Home Depot now ? I guess I'll let you all know then :)  BIG HUGS S.M.A.A.R.T.Moms!!!

P.S. Dustin built this using wood,nails,hammer,paint, and stickers!

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