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Saturday, October 1, 2011

"The Zoo Isn't Just Looking @ the Animals Anymore:Video & Pictures" :The weather will be cooler soon. It's now October but still very comfortable weather. So before it gets cold thought I'd give my Boo Bear a special treat this time when we went to the zoo.

What a WONDERFUL Day! Went to the Zoo this morning with our notebook and pen in hand:) Dustin loves to write down the animals he sees and check them off. I started this a while back when I realized my Boo Bear was afraid of animals. The Zoo has been very theraputic in regards to him feeling more comfortable around animals. I started buying an annual family pass so I could bring him there more often and without the major expense. In addition to the Zoo animals, the zoo has really grown for many other things to do now then when we started coming almost thirteen yrs ago. There is a small train ride, a merry-go-round,a stabalized bungee jumper, a splash zone area with changing rooms, and much more. Well today considering we are in Oct. now I thought it would be nice to let him play in the splash area ( 84* & sunny as can be). He had a fantastic time! I really hope to see some of my S.M.A.A.R.T.Moms Oct 30th for the Zoo Boo Bash. If you want to even join us again to the zoo before that, let me know. We try to go on Sat's. I know you & your son/daughter will have a great time! But if that doesn't convince you maybe this video I had to share with you may at least bring a Smile to your face:)

This is his check- list. Yes he added animals that ARE NOT THERE; but that still didn't stop him from adding those animals to his check- list. Maybe he knows something I don't (LOL)


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