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Monday, March 7, 2011

"Autism Potty Regression Video" : S.M.A.A.R.T. Mom's February Online "Mommy Time-Out"

Thanks Again for joining me for February's Mommy Time-Out. I intended on having a different topic other than potty training, however I felt there was a need for talking furthermore about the possibility of Regression . Now I know that this is not a word ANY mother wants to hear regarding their child, teen, or adult with autism. However, it can happen, even for me.
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I thought I had finally accomplished this long awaited goal. But after almost a month of Potty Success.......Boo Bear Regressed.  I followed him in to the bathroom thinking he wanted me to confirm his success. Instead, I found him lying on the bathroom floor waiting and expecting me to clean him up. I admit I was very upset; however I made sure I didn't express this in a way that it would make this situation worse. SO.... I asked Boo Bear, " What happened? You're not a baby. Dustin is a BIG BOY! :) Babys don't get TOYRUS COUPONS; ONLY Big Boys do." Then I calmly gave him the bathroom trash basket with the wet wipe box. "Dustin is a BIG BOY! Hurry up and Clean up so you can draw your Stars!" :)  (On the Data Sheet). Then I turned around facing away from him. "Let me know when your ALL DONE.":)  Needless to say, I don't think he was expecting the response he got from me. I remained there and didn't say a word. But after a few minutes he called out.." Mom, Mom!" I didn't say a word. Again, "Mom, Moooooooom!". I turned around pulled out a couple of wet wipes, gave it to him and said, " You can do it! Remember? Wet wipes are just like Toilet Paper, just fold it and clean up. When you're done, throw it in to the trash honey.":) Then I turned back around facing away from him and didn't say another word. It took a few minutes, but then he made this sound of disappointment and frustration, BUT......I could hear him starting to clean up:) I was so happy he was responding in such a positive way. Shortly after Dustin handed me the trash basket and wipe box confirming he was done. I then pointed where the trash basket went as well as the wipe box. He put them in their place. I checked him over to make sure he cleaned up o.k. and then said, " Great Job! That's my BIG BOY Dustin! Now lets wash your hands and draw your stars"After he finished I took him to his Visual Chart and had him take (2) of his ToysRus Coupons out of the EARNED POCKET and  Place them back on a numbered box to EARN All Over Again. Keeping it simple I said, "Dustin, Poo in Potty = (1) ToysRus Coupon for BIG BOY Dustin. Poo in Pull-Up= (2) ToysRus Coupons Going  Back on the Boxes." He clearly wasn't happy about losing two coupons and definitely understood why he lost them. I know this because a few minutes later Boo Bear had me follow him back in to the bathroom AFTER  glancing at his Visual Chart he went in and sat on the potty. He tried  about three more times that evening (also about an hour after the regression incident) but poor thing just couldn't get any success on the potty. Finally, just before bedtime he tried again. This time he had SUCCESS! He was so Proud of himself ! HE WAS BACK ON TRACK!  YES! He followed through with washing his  hands and drawing his stars. Then he looked at me uncertain about the Coupon. I told him," You earned (1) ToysRus Coupon to put back in the Earned Pocket." You could tell he was a bit disappointed.  I  knew he wanted both of the coupons back, not just one. (LOL) Bless his heart, he went back in to the potty ,sat down ,and tried again. After no Success, he made a sound of frustration and gave up. So he washed his hands and went off to bed . We've been back on Track with Potty Success ever since!
So if you experience Regression, try to understand these unique guys and girls are very special and Toileting doesn't always come ,especially for Autistics. I tried for YEARS believe me. But even though it has taken 14yrs to get to this wonderful moment......I strongly encourage my S.M.A.A.R.T. Moms to stay patient, loving, calm, and NO MATTER WHAT don't give up! This will take time and if you don't give the Support and Encouragement these guys and girls need ; well how do you expect to have Success if Negative is in your thoughts? So remember Follow Through and Always Stay Positive! If you need me I'm here as Always. I hope this helps you like it has for me. Until Then, Take Care:)

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