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Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Special Olympics Event Short Story" :Dustin Enters Another (County)

Well I'm back! Dustin's surgery went wonderful! AND as it turns out; the doctor ended up NOT having to put tubes back in either ear. Great News!You must have been thinking of us:) Today I just had to add to the new experience I had with Boo Bear this year at Special Olympics (county games; not state). This isn't our first experience in Special Olympics ;"SP". However it was for the unbelievable behavior I actually had to endure. Everything was going so well even in spite of how LOUD it was. You see this event was held at the Bowling Lanes. Now imagine a very Packed building full of Families, Coaches,etc. I know these type of places are extremely difficult for Boo Bear; but anyone who has come to know me....well, Dustin and I try our best to experience and get through it the best we can. When things get to be too much; and that's usally easy to figure out; WE LEAVE. Well this was going to be a two hour event. I was uncertain how Dustin would do, but I had to try. So I packed a bag with any and everything I could think of to help calm him if I needed to. I even let him take his favorite Looney tunes  and his Nick Jr Bumper drawings he did. Anyway, very shortly after I went down to where we sit to bowl. I was approached by I guess one of the "other schools" in charge people. Without even looking to see if I had a Coach Ribbon (Which Allows me to stay with Dustin to help him) She told me I had to leave that area and sit where I'm supposed to. I showed her my Coach Ribbon; it seemed to make her a bit annoyed? O.K. that was odd I thought. Kind of rude even. But I shrugged it off. Well again very shortly after the game starts I'm told by a timid young woman that she was instructed to tell me that I couldn't help Dustin with the handicap ramp by the same woman who was rude to me before. I said, "Excuse Me?" At this point I just smiled and said ;"I apprecaite you passing on instructions; but I'm sure the woman who told you to talk to me can come see me herself. Thank You for letting me know though, Sweetie:)" Again trying not to let this woman bother me for GOD only knows what reason! I took a deep breath and remembered ....I'm here for Dustin. This is his day and I'm not missing it. Nope......believe it or not again I was approached by this woman. At this point she TELLS me I CAN'T move the ramp for Boo Bear and that other parents are getting very upset with me! (To Note: I was already given the o.k. by our school that I could help Dustin because he was not going on to state s.o.'s) She then Tells me that these parents have been doing this for years and that there are parents here that are very competetive and want their child to go on to State Special Olympics! At first I was just taken back with the unbelievable behavior I was seeing first hand. But after her basically scolding me in front of All of the parents I had allegidly T-ed off; well I wasn't going to take it any more. So considering it was a loud place I spoke up and TOLD her with a Smile but very firmly," I am a Parent of a child with Autism and my son and I have every right to be here just like your other parents. This isn't our first time participating in a Special Olympics event. If your parents have a problem with me helping my son move his ramp;if they feel it's unfare.....By all means have them come help their child with his/her ramp too. As for my child affecting their child's chance to go to State S.0's .....I don't understand what the problem is . My son can only handle County S.0's. So he isn't a threat to anyone's childwho is wanting to go to State S.0's. I think it's wonderful that there are parents who can do that. However, if these are the same parents that are here today with you expressing issues they have with me; well I think it's real sad that they feel that way. I brought my son to Special Olympics because of what I read on their website. Maybe I should have suggested for them to re-read what caught my eye at the Special Olympics web site.  (This from their "ABOUT" Tab. Scroll down to the Families section.This is what caught my eye.)


If they would have scrolled down to Families; I think it would have summed things up. I instead said to her; " Apparently I'm not here for the same reasons everyone else is here for. I wanted to give  my son the opportunity to experience has much as he can . Every Child here in this Alley has some type of disability; however, some of these disabilities make "certain enviroments" very hard to endure for some of these kids; such as the ones here with autism. I will not have you or other parents here make us feel un-welcomed. I brought my son here to show him that He Can Do This, to See and Learn Good Sportsmanship, Compassion for others and what their daily lives must be like ,and  Friendship with people who may be looking for someone that can relate with us." She then replied that her and the parents are there for the same reasons.It was then that  I summed the conversation up with," Well if this is true, then why is it that I find myself cheering, rooting on, and praising ALL of the kids. It doesn't matter to me what team each child is on or what school they represent. These kids ONLY want to bowl a pin down and how many they get; it doens't matter. They just want to have FUN. Now if you will excuse me. I'm here to make new memories with my son and I'm done with people such as yourself taking that away from me. Your're wasting your time and mine." At that point I guess she realized that she was getting no where with me and walked away flustered. But she left me alone the remaining time we were there. Thank God!I must admit after Boo Bear and I left and headed to McD's for lunch it did cross my mind to never participate in Special Olympics in the future. But then I thought to myself.....Are you CRAZY?! First of all I don't walk away from ANYTHING! And as I ordered our lunch the cashier made a comment about the shirt I was wearing. She said she just LOVED it! It Read: "I'm a Mom with a Black Belt in Autism and I Have Strengths you can't imagine!" It was then I remembered that I was a Strong Woman with Beliefs I will not back down on. So with a Smile. I will bring Boo Bear back to Special Olympics for the next event he is offered. I love him with All My Heart and I will do this for HIM. I guess if I have any unexpected encounters again ; I hope their prepared for me to Smile back because that's my style. I refuse to behave on their unacceptable level. Besides that, I know their are wonderful people that do enjoy Dustin and I joining the S.O. events. We've been so blessed with an ENTIRE STAFF of people at my son's school. And I won't mention names, but I'm sure you know who I'm talking about.....Ms.A , Ms. B, and My Always Smiling Greeter at the school.  I just want to tell you How Wonderful I think you are! Between being there for us at the school and at the Special Olympic events.......HATS OFF TO YOU THREE AMAZING WOMEN!! Your Hearts Truly Warm Ours:)  We Appreciate you taking time for us and all of the other children you've been there for as well. We look forward to the next event:) In the mean time check out my next entry. I've posted some great photos from our Bowling event.(I did Salvage some Special Moments:)(LOL) Out of two games....I did catch Boo Bear's ONE Strike! Way To Go Boo Bear!! YOU ARE SOOOO AWESOME!

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