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Monday, July 26, 2010

"The S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom Autism Shop" : A Way Through Autism is to Venture Out in to Public and NOT Having to Worry or Have to Cope with Melt-Downs or Inconsiderate People.

Well it's the week of our trip to Six Flags for Boo Bear's 14th Birthday. I still can't believe he will be 14.
I have always tried to be courage's and venture out to places I know may be difficult for Boo to take in....but Good or Bad I have to try. In the beginning of his autism he was and still is afraid of animals (Just to Note: He has never had a traumatic encounter with any animal). Nevertheless, he has this fear. When I took him to the Zoo or to Sea World especially..... I felt so bad at first and cried myself. I guess it was too much because he became very anxious,agitated,upset, and then aggressive with me. I stuck it out as long as I could but after about  30 mins later we HAD to leave the Zoo. Sea World I managed 3 hrs. Thank God I paid a discounted ticket price through ASGO.org; regardless, I knew I needed to take him home. I kept on and still continue to go to these places especially. It has become easier because I have made these places "Familiar" to Boo Bear. Consistency is the TRULY the key ...along with a Huge dose of Patience & Unconditional Love for our son. He has really progressed to the point that we can spend 2 hours at the Zoo now:)  and ALL DAY at Sea World:) well at least until 6:00 pm "We eat Dinner @ McDonald's" instead of the park. (Have to have McDonald French Fries;) I do think the clothing I have designed helps him & I when we go out and about. It's a tough call; but like it or not Advertising my son's disability makes every outing more pleasant. I don't recall the last time I had an encounter with an inconsiderate,rude, or not so understanding person.  THEY ARE OUT THERE:( You would think as Autism Rises that the Awareness would as well. But there are people out there that don't know the signs and behaviors of autism. I was actually inspired by an elderly woman at a Goodwill (Boo's favorite place). We were waiting in line and she was standing Behind us a little Too Close; at that moment Dustin  was very calm and still . Well not thinking about it.....Dustin out of the blue starts his innocent and  very  Typical Jumping and Flapping. This poor woman was so taken by surprise and clearly did not expect this person to express this behavior. She jumped back startled to death and almost fell back in to the clothes hanging on the rack. I immediately went to her and  said I was so sorry for her fright and continued to explain that my son had autism. She was extremely sweet after she was informed and I introduced her to Boo Bear. In spite of this elderly woman's comforting understanding I couldn't help it ; I kept thinking the whole ride home that My Son Should Come With A WARNING:) Thus an idea was born. So I came up with this wonderful shirt for Boo and WOW what a difference it has made. So many  people  have  Smiled and Commented  on this Unique Informant. So now I guess it's your call....can't hurt to try,Right? What have you got to lose. At the very least check out my online store...forward it to family and  Friends. The next time your child's birthday or Holiday come around....Maybe no one knows what to get your son or daughter. Give them your child's clothing size and send them to my store. I know it's helped my son and  I . I'm certain it will do the same for you. Going out doesn't mean you have to anticipate a "Mommy Crash". Been there, Done That:)
Here is one of my favorite shirts and now you know the story behind this shirts inspiration:)

      (Click On The Autism Shop to See Some Unique Autism Clothes & Other Items)

Below is what the Front of the Shirt Looks like and of course the Back of the Shirt is the one that Reads: WARNING!                                  


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