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Join Me at The Autism Support Network!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Art for Autism" Picture: Dustin WINS Contest! brought to you by, A Very Proud S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom & Dad!

So here's how it happened....We attended the Autism Walk like we do every year. Dustin loves to see Ronald McDonald in person there:) I heard about an art contest prior to the walk called "Art for Autism"by Javamo Coffees. I wasn't sure if Dustin would get what I was asking of him regarding a drawing for the coffee package. I showed him a picture of last years winner and basically left him with paper and markers while I did the dishes. I saw him begin to draw not knowing what to expect. After I finished the dishes I went over to the table and was SO AMAZED! I thought to myself; this has to be entered in to the contest for sure. Of course as any parent I felt his drawing should be chosen; but of course we never win anything, you know? So even though I felt it should win I really didn't think it would. Well we went to the walk and of course everyone was there and there were soooo many drawings already submitted in the contest. I thought "What are his chances now?" Well after I heard the contest deadline was up; I waited for an update for the winners name. I went to check my email and there it was..... a letter from ASGO (The Autism Society of Greater Orlando) informing me that Dustin's Drawing was Chosen! I immediately jumped up from my computer and ran through the house screaming "Oh My God! Oh My God!" You'd think I won the lottery. My family figured I'd finally loss my mind. But I didn't care... I was so extremely PROUD of Dustin! And now everyone who got the same informant I did as well as purchased this Wonderful Autism Awareness Blend Coffee would know how SPECIAL our son with autism really is and how artistic and creative he is:) I wish Dustin knew how this made me feel. But I know regardless of all of this..........Dustin knows Mommy loves him soooooo much that she could "Eat Dustin Up....Yum Yum Yum Yum" as Dustin would say:) To whom ever is reading this....Thanks for sharing this moment with me and I to the parent(s) of next years winner of Art for Autism.......As for all of those down days with Autism; this is most definitely an UP Day with Autism..........Enjoy every moment!

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