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Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Autism, Always Creating & Keeping Him Occupied" (Pictures) : brought to you by, S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom

I am always trying to create new ideas, crafts, educational
activities,etc with Boo Bear. Here are just a few of our favorites.
This day Dustin was talking about our Hart Farm. So I found
farm animal magnet faces and had him draw their bodies.
After he was done I would ask him about each animal. He
had sooo much fun drawing them and giggled the whole time.
Did pretty good!

On this day I made a list of ten items for Boo Bear to check off.
The list was titled Dustin's Nature list. We took it to the park and
placed our items in a bag after checking it off the list. When we
were done ,we went home and created a Pinecomb Person. Isn't
he Cute? Dustin placed him in front of his Barn....very appropriate:)

This was a birdhouse I found at a dollar store. Of course it was plain when
I bought it..........that is until Dustin got to decorate it. Hope those birds
are Mc Donald French Fry Fans:)

Dustin loves to pick flowers. This particular day it was raining outside so
picking flowers wasn't possible. So I found the next best thing to do.
I sat him down at the table with some empty egg cartons, green pipe
cleaner, green contruction paper, butterfly & circle stickers, his special
scissors and then gave him an example of what I planned on making.
He was soooo thrilled that he ultimately made a bouquet of egg carton
flowers! Easy to do, unique, and wonderful home-made gifts. Try it:)

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