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Join Me at The Autism Support Network!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Autism Welcomed Decal Time-Out: "A Pizza Thanksgiving Smile @ Mirino's!"

AWD "1st" Thankful Video Re-Share !

You just never know where you'll be Greeted by the Autism Welcomed Decal Symbol. A little symbol who has been placed at entrances all over Florida and other States; it even has a home in Canada now Considering this is the Month of Thankfulness; Not to mention I have more than enough videos to share (LOL). I've decided to share a Video Every Day for the month of November of places who I'm Thankful to for giving the Autism Welcomed Decal Symbol a "Permanent Home!" Without these Heart-Warming Wonderful Places, Opening Doors, Opening Hearts, & Creating Smiles; it would not be possible to visibly touch our Lives on a Day To Day Basis. So, to start, ((Huge Hugs & Thank You)) to: Mirino's Pizza & Subs in Deland , Florida! I just love the ending of this video!
Happy Thanksgiving in Advance 

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