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Friday, November 30, 2018

Autism Mom Finds Solution for her Son After a Terrifying Year!

Angela (aka) #SMAARTMom is the mother of three. Her youngest, who has autism, is 22 years old now. However, his mentality is of a 3-5 yr old child. Needless to say she's been living with autism long enough to know the difference between an "Autism Behavior" -VS- ""Severe Migraines", which is what she has always insisted was what her son was severely suffering from. After , going back a number of times to the ER , to the neurologist,etc. No body would listen or was able to help her son! She even video taped her son as hard as it was to do, of him literally throwing his head in to her wall because he was in so much pain and to visibly show the ER and doctors, she wasn't doing this to her son...He was doing this to himself. So, afraid he was going to knock himself unconscious, or worse (like some football players) incur a debilitating head injury. So, she did what she never thought she would do. After extensive research and especially after doctors highly suggested she place her son in a home/ facility where they could do more for him than she could!? This is a video you don't want to miss or share if God forbid you're a Mom, Dad, or Care Person, like her, who is terrified for your autistic loved one. Angela says: "Doctors don't know everything! They had to learn what they know, just like everybody else. Majority of them don't know or live with autism! I can research, read, and learn just like they can! Sometimes, "Dr. MOM Knows What's Best" for their Guys & Girls! And this video is Proof of that. I just hope this video reaches families going though this and most of all the Doctors, who gave me the very upsetting and ultimate option of simply giving up on My Dustin. I Will Never do as long as I'm in this world and to suggest this...Well, They're just simply barking up the wrong Momma Tree!"

Video Link: https://youtu.be/uDicsh4wTdI

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