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Join Me @ The Autism Support Network

Join Me at The Autism Support Network!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Autism Welcomed Decal's 2016' Events so far for this year!

Share with Others, Print Out the Dates, & Post it to your Calendars or Fridge!
Where & What City will the Autism Welcomed Decal be Next?

"Helping Families Living With Autism Feel Welcomed in Public Places"

(IMPORTANT ! Please Read & Share. This is for YOU)
Moms , Dads, and Family Members Living with Autism !
Today is the day. A chance to get your  tickets to an  “AUTISM WELCOMED” Time-Out! Each month you can follow S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom’s Autism Welcomed Decal to not only a different “CITY/TOWN” , but a different “PLACE” that has Displayed the decal in their establishment; welcoming you not just ‘TODAY” but, leaving the Decal on display to “VISIBLY  SHOW  YOU” that you are Welcomed Back Every Day ! 
Non-Profits and Charities for Autism are Wonderful! However, Just so you know; I am NOT one of these. I created Autism Welcomed with  ONLY  one goal of not just finding places that would forever display the Autism Symbol of Welcomed; but to leave that symbol there, so YOU will ALWAYS feel welcomed in these places>
I NEVER make a profit or ask for anything from anyone /any of these places. I’d rather create Smiles than a profit (CALL ME CRAZY) ; just in case some of you don’t TRULY know what S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom is REALLY about.

(FYI: Autism Families, please know that some of these places may be Loud, Bright, or Even Crowded. The idea is to Feel Welcomed , but at the same time to help our special guys/girls learn to cope and withstand those things while in many public places. I hope this won’t detour you from joining Dustin and I. I hope with us being there, you’ll feel more comfort and courage. After all, Dustin wouldn’t be where he is today (age 19yrs.), if I didn’t “Rock his World & Venture with Him in Public Places” even when he was younger and non-verbal. Don’t get me wrong , we still have our days; but we also have some absolute magical memories too! Now with the kindness of some Fantastic individuals; I have a tremendous amount of faith that we will encounter more happy tears , rather than sad ones. So with the help of these WONDERFUL People and Places they have shared their Smiles with the Autism Welcomed Smile. This heart-felt “Symbol” expressing one thing…. ” Autism Families, We know it took Courage to come out Today,We Understand, & We’ve Got Your Back!”

Please know that I’m not doing this for just my Dustin who has Autism….I do this for all of those families walking in my shoes and I will continue to hopefully, not let you down; only to OPEN more doors for all of us:) On that note….I hope you won’t let us down…come walk through those AUTISM WELCOMED doors with us :)     Can’t wait to see your Smiles! BIG BIG HUGS!

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