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Join Me at The Autism Support Network!

Saturday, November 29, 2003

"Eyes Of Autism" (Short Story Introduction of how Autism Became A Part Of Our Lives)

November  1997'  A Date We'll Never Forget

Hello and Welcome,
    There are so many parents these days finding themselves in our situation and unfortunately there is no cause or cure for autism. I know what it feels like to not know what happened and or what to do. My pregnancy with Dustin was a normal one.Dustin developed like the typical child would,taking his first steps,first words,etc.Not to show blame,but there is quite the coincidence that when I took Dustin for his 1 yr. shots our lives began to change.After the shots, Dustin had a very high fever accompanied with high pitch screams.(Later,I found other mothers talking about similar stories happening to their children)By 13mos. Dustin lost any speech he had and became extremely unaffectionate,and developed this constant need to jump and flap his arms.After the diagnoses of autism at 15mos. old I had what I call a "Mommy Crash" and then decided to do what ever it took to get our son back.I researched,put him in speech and music therepy,and talked to other mothers.They were the best resource for me.I want to stress to you as a parent that medication is NOT the solution to the autism problem.I firmly believe this: How can you give a medication for a disability that doesn't even have a proven known cause? Let alone a Cure.  It will take A LOT on your part as a parent if you want to save your child.I found that putting him on a Gluten and Casein Free Diet was the best thing.That means no milk and wheat in their diet.It's not as bad as you think.But it will work if you are consistant.You have to be devoted and consistant.With Dustin the milk caused him to bang his head.The wheat caused hyperactivity.The first week I took him off milk,the head banging stopped.Sometimes the diet needs a couple of weeks.Be Patient.I also found that giving him Diflucan(for yeast over-growth) has also shown huge increase in speech and social skills,as well as,calming him down.Vitamin supplements are necessary,such as: All the (B) vitamins,magnesium,vitamin (C),and Inositol.The Inositol can be found in powder to mix in food or drinks.I've included some photos,a t-shirt decal,a autism card,and a poem written by me.I hope I have been helpful to anyone who is fighting this unfare battle against autism.Good Luck & God Bless.

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